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ICDT Dance Team Auditions

    Auditions are Sunday, April 28th (virtual due by April 26th)
    @ Triton Dance Studio
    501 Central Ave
    Fort Dodge, IA 50501

    Registration sign in starts at 8:30 AM.
    Warm up/stretch 8:30 AM

    Audition material and skills will be taught from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Individual Interviews will begin 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

    Skills that you will be judged upon:

    • Double pirouette
    • Triple pirouette
    • Turns in second (a la seconde’)
    • Calypso
    • Toe touch
    • Leap in second/side leap
    • Disc leap
    • Leg holds/Extensions
    • Tilt jump
    • Firebird
    • Penche’ Roll
    • Hip Hop Skills – kip-ups, headsprings, k-stands, or stalls (optional)
    • Turn or leap combinations (optional)
    • Aerials (optional)

    Others areas of the audition that will be judged upon:

    • Individual Spirit
    • Motion technique
    • Rhythm/timing
    • Memory
    • Style/Quality of movement
    • Control/Precision
    • Uniformity/Synchronization
    • Facial expression/Showmanship
    • Energy level
    • Confidence/Projection
    • Neatness and appearance/collegiate image
    • Attitude and learning ability

    **The 2024-2025 audition material will be sent via email to the address listed once registration has been received. All candidates will have the opportunity to view and learn all 3 combinations as well as the required skills prior to auditions.

    *What to wear/bring to auditions:

    • plain black bottoms (legging, capri, booty shorts)
    • plain black top (tank top, tshirt, sports bra)
    • jazz shoes
    • tennis shoes for hip hop
    • water bottle
    • hair secured back and out of face
    • no jewelry except for dance earrings
    • performance makeup face